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June Lake home to one of Top 10 spas
Most of us like to splurge on our getaways &nash; at least as much as our pocketbooks will permit and it's easy to indulge like there's no tomorrow when tempted with lavish meals and days spent poolside with nothing more urgent than keeping our cocktail glasses full.

Problem is, if we behave like that too much, there will be no tomorrow.

So whether it's out of guilt or just common sense, more vacationers today are opting to exercise a little more, party a little less and even go so far as to watch our nutrition while enjoying our precious time off. That's where a place like the Double Eagle Resort and Spa can make all the difference.

Double Eagle offers both a fitness center for exercise and a world-class spa for pampering. Health-conscious meals are available at the resort's gourmet restaurant, and vigorous outdoor activities are everywhere you look. This total package so impressed Forbes Magazine that it named Double Eagle one of the 10 best spa resorts in the world.
June Lake Lodging
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