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Inn offers the lap of luxury in Death Valley
It is said that Death Valley gets 1.8 inches of rainfall each year and, in our fist visit to this "parched" landscape, it felt like we got it all on our first day. It was enough, anyway, to wash out a bridge and require us to take a 40-mile detour just to get to Furnace Creek.

So much for the image. We don't remember Ronald Reagan saying anything about rain when he hosted the Death Valley Days TV show all those years.
Death Valley Lodging
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Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort
Highway 190
Death Valley, CA  92328
Ph: 760-786-2345   Fx: 760-786-2514
The Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort is situated in a lush oasis surrounded by the vast and arid desert of Death Valley National Park, California. The resort has two hotels - the historic and elegant, 4-diamond, 66-room Furnace Creek Inn offering newely redecorated rooms and suites, and the more family oriented 224 room Furnace Creek Ranch. The jewel of Death Valley, the Furnace Creek Inn offers luxury and timeless elegance. Opened in 1927 by the Pacific Borax Company, the Inn serves as a fitting tribute to the historical riches of California's past.
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