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Santa Rosa, CA 95409

When ordinary folks think of well-known California vacation destinations, the city of Santa Rosa probably does not appear near the top of the list. In fact, this "under-the-radar" destination may not show up on the list at all.

Better known is Sonoma County -- where Santa Rosa is located which is famous for its rolling hills and scenic vistas of vineyards and backcountry farmlands as well as a cluster of charming communities that attract wine-lovers and visitors who just enjoy the rural ambience. All of this just further makes the case for Santa Rosa as a destination with plenty to see both in and outside the city.

Santa Rosa is an easy one-hour drive north from San Francisco on the 101 Freeway. With a population of around 150,000, the city is not a rural enclave but rather a commercial hub in an area where the countryside is dotted with small towns. Charles Schultz Airport (a lot of things around here are named after the famous artist) is the destination of many visitors who fly in from California and the Pacific Northwest to visit Sonoma Wine Country.

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