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Coronado, CA 92178

Coronado enjoys beautiful weather year round with an average daily temperature of 70.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Casual attire is perfect for your island vacation. Warm days with ocean breezes are made for shorts and swim wear. A marine layer hugs the coast some mornings and our evenings are almost always cool, so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket. Most of our restaurants welcome casual attire, but a few require coats and ties for the gentlemen.

Coronado is an internationally renowned tourist destination, made famous over the years by its rich history, idyllic setting, and unique ocean village atmosphere. Located across the bay from San Diego, this 13.5 square mile community is home to three world-class resorts, training facilities for the Navy's elite SEAL corps, and one of Southern California's most desirable residential communities.

Coronado, often called "Coronado Island", is actually a peninsula connected to the mainland on the south via the six-mile Silver Strand scenic highway. The 2.5 mile Coronado Toll Bridge also connects the community to San Diego providing quick access to San Diego International Airport and an abundance of cultural and spectator sports events.

Coronado is a uniquely enchanted village enjoying a near-perfect climate. The village provides a stable and secure setting for residents and businesses alike. It's a great place to live and work with an unsurpassed quality of life. The quiet tree-lined streets, friendly neighborhoods and healthy economy are truly deserving of the name: Coronado - the Crown City.

Coronado was named for the Coronado Islands off the coast of San Diego. They were first sighted November 8, 1602 by Spanish navigator Vizcaino and he named them "Los Coronados" or the "Crowned Ones," for four martyred saints of ancient Rome whose death had been on that day.

Coronado remained a barren peninsula, its chief population jack rabbits, until it was purchased in 1885 by Elisha S. Babcock, Jr., and Hampton L. Storey. They rowed over to the island from San Diego to hunt rabbits and decided it would be an ideal setting for a luxurious resort hotel. With the railroad scheduled to reach San Diego, they believed Easterners looking for a more moderate climate would flock to the new hotel.

The Hotel del Coronado opened in 1888 and shortly afterwards was sold to John D. Spreckels, the "sugar king." The hotel is a designated National Historical Landmark. In 1891 Benjamin Harrison was the first of 13 presidents to visit Coronado joining the long list of celebrities as guests at the hotel ever since.

History is still a part of everyday life in Coronado with more than 85 historical sites designated in the city. In the spring of 2000, the Coronado Historical Association will reopen its museum in newly restored historic space on Orange Avenue, the city's main street.

Another important part of Coronado's history past and present is aviation and the military. In 1911, Glenn Curtis opened an aviation camp in what is today Navy Air Station, North Island, which during World War I, the Spreckels family sold to the Navy for $5 million. In 1927, Col. Charles Lindbergh took off on the first leg of his journey to St. Louis, New York and Paris from North Island. Today, North Island homeports three aircraft carriers, making the military the top employer in the community.
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