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Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

Located between the Santa Lucia mountain range to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, this area has the best of all opportunities for recreation activities. With the convenience of being halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, right off State Highways, 1, 227 and 101, the area provides easy access for the visitor and business person alike.

Many people who come for a wonderful vacation have created their own professional opportunities and relocated to this area as permanent residents. In addition to the fin climate, convenient location, and proximity too many activities, the Arroyo Grande area has been chosen by many as a site for retirement. Home prices are favorable when compared to larger cities, and the amenities available locally create an ideal environment for senior citizens. This area has fostered a managed growth philosophy and courts businesses that will add to the positive posture of this area. Ocean sports, fresh water fun at Lopez Lake, hiking, win=e tasting, fine dining, golfing, lodging and shopping area all part of the unique experience in the Arroyo Grande area.

History of Arroyo Grande

Branch Street serves as the main thoroughfare through historic Arroyo Grande. It is appropriately named after Francis Z. Branch, the gentleman who helped the town find its beginnings. Branch came to the Arroyo Grande area on a bear hunting expedition in 1832. Charmed by the untouched land, he later purchased 16,000 acres and became a successful cattle rancher.

After a yearlong drought devastated the valley in 1864, Branch began to sell pats of his land to settlers. By 1876, thirty–five families had settled in the valley and established two stores, two saloons, a wheelwright, butcher shop, launder, and livery and feed yard. A local railway depot was established in 1882 and Arroyo Grande was on it's way to becoming an established town.

Historic Village Offers Family Fun

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the charm of strolling through Arroyo Grande's historic village. Year-round, the Village offers a unique array of antiques, specialty shops, and restaurant, all nestled within the scenic atmosphere of historic buildings and timeless treasures. During festival times, the Village abounds with a variety of arts and crafts, tempting treats, activities, and attractions.

Visitor Information

Whether you are just having a roadside rest for a couple of hours or plan to visit for a week, you'll find Arroyo Grande a delightful community to explore. The historic village area is an adventure in itself as you explore the turn of the century old downtown area. There are an abundance of gift and antique shops along with wonderful places to dine. The Village also prides itself on several annual festivals that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors as well as residents.

In addition to the historic district take time to check out the rest of Arroyo Grande. There are complete shopping centers off of East Grand Avenue and in the West Branch Street District.
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