Walking Dead, low gas prices attract the tourists
If watching the Walking Dead television  1show isn't enough to creep you out, visitors to Southern California can visit the mega-creepy new attraction that opened in July to capitalize on the popularity of the show.

The Walking Dead attraction is one of several new theme park attractions in Southern California this year where big crowds were expected to take advantage of relatively low transportation costs this tourist season.

Los Angeles was expected to be the third-most-popular summer travel destination in the country, moving up from seventh place last year, according to a study by AAA. Gasoline prices in Southern California that are about 70 cents cheaper than last summer and airfares that have dropped about 10 percent.

Fans of Walking Dead can now get up-close and personal with their favorite decaying and decomposing characters at Universal Studios Hollywood's new Walking Dead attraction. The "walkers" grab at you from cell bars and corpses hang on hooks, according to those who have visited the new attraction.

It only takes about seven minutes to go through the entire attraction -- a high-tech maze that may seem similar to the haunted houses you visit on Halloween.

The production team from the show has helped duplicate the same feel of the AMC series. You can even interact with the characters, which are a mix of animatronic figures and live actors, every one of them giving you the feeling they may strike you at any time. There are also actors playing survivors, who attempt to fend off the flesh-eaters while giving guests a chance to get away.

Props reproduced for the attraction are authentic to satisfy hard-core fans of the series. Fans will recognize different characters from the series. In addition to the Walking Dead attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood opened its $500 million Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion in April. The Harry Potter attraction has drawn capacity or near-capacity crowds since it opened.
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