Eclipse 2017
Big solar event happening August 21
It won't be long now. A rare solar  1eclipse will happen on August 21 and, if you live in California, the best region of the country for you to see the eclipse will be in Oregon.

People from all over the country plan ahead for these events and then travel to those narrow bands of real estate that will experience the complete effects. The full effects include the sun being completely blocked out by the moon for a few minutes, creating a 70-mile wide shadow, across the USA.

If you stand anywhere under that shadow, you'll see that everything goes pitch black. If you are under clear skies, you will see a hole in the sky. The event's duration will last a minute or two, perhaps more with the longest duration being along the center line of that 70-mile-wide path. The longest duration will be two minutes, 41 seconds.

With just about any binoculars you'll be able to see the Sun's corona and the plasma coming from the sun's surface. It's an amazing experience and, whenever a total eclipse occurs, hotel rooms sell out.

If you study a map of the eclipse, the closest place for California residents to see this summer's event will be in Oregon. Since the event travels west to east, the eclipse will start on the coast where prime summer vacation destinations like Depoe Bay, Newport and Lincoln City will be near the center of the eclipse path.

Along the I-5 corridor, the eclipse will pass over such popular destinations as Salem, Albany and Corvallis.

To view a map of the path of the eclipse, please go to The map will give you specific times and locations and will be a useful tool for you as you plan your eclipse getaway for 2017.
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