Long lines ahead
New Disney ride takes you around the world
If you´re visiting the Disney parks in 1Anaheim this summer, be sure to take in the new Soarin´ Around the World ride at California Adventure. The scenery for the ride has completely changed from the previous ´Soarin´ Over California, which had originally opened in 2001.

The new video is now available both in California and Florida parks. With the new video, guests will get even closer to some of the world´s wildest wonders. To make the movie, a helicopter flew in between rock formations and through mountains and fascinating terrain from around the world -- even the Great Wall of China appears in the ride.

The technology is newer and better, with very recent photography. Inside the rooms you´ll find upgraded screens and projection systems. Even new scents will be included in the change-over.

The new ride will take viewers on a worldwide journey and fly above such places as the Sydney Opera House and Colorado´s Monument Valley.

Just one note of caution: Whenever new rides come to Disney parks, a certain hysteria causes people to all want to experience the ride at the same time. Waits can be up to three hours if you´re not careful. So go first thing in the morning, grab your place in line, relax and enjoy this new “California Adventure.”
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