Historic Park
Rosie the Riveter Museum opens in Richmond
The Richmond Waterfront now has a fascinating  1new museum -- the Rosie the Riveter Museum/World War II Home Front National Historic Park recently opened to showcase the sacrifices made on the home front during the war.

The new visitor education center and interactive museum is adjacent to Craneway Pavilion at Ford Point on the Richmond waterfront. The facility will be located in the historic Ford Assembly Building complex.

During the war, Rosie the Riveter became symbolic of the home front effort which involved women across the country who were doing their part to help win the war. In fact, many "Rosie's" worked in the same location as the museum, building 49,000 jeeps, outfitting tanks and working on other war-related manufacturing.

The center will both interpret the national home front movement, and orient visitors to Richmond's influential history from the era. Through interactive exhibits and learning experiences, visitors will see, hear, and reflect on the stories and contributions of courageous home front Americans.

A Home Front Festival is set for October 1 and 2 at Ford Point. Visitors will also be introduced to the many attractions of Richmond including a 32-mile shoreline with newly opened trails and other waterfront attractions.
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