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Starline offers tours to TCM movie locations
Ever wondered just how to find the movie locations 1 in famous movies while you're visiting Hollywood? Starline Tours now has a year-round TCM Movie Locations Tour that will take you right to the locations used in many Turner Classic Movies films.

The idea is to pair modern and classic film clips with visits to the actual locations. The tour was developed for TCM's 20th Anniversary celebration and participants will get to view the movie scenes on their tour bus and then step outside and visit the actual location.

The Starline tour bus has a 65-inch high-definition television, and comfortable seating to enjoy the tour.

Among the films featured are Chinatown, Terminator and Catch Me If You Can -- all of which were filmed in the Los Angeles area and have scenes you can visit today. The service also provides a tour guide that will provide behind-the-scenes insight and expert commentary.

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