Walking tours
Fun new app available for major California cities
Ever wish you had a tour guide along to point out  1local sights, but one that would kind of blend into the background, as in, disappear when you don't want him around?

Voila -- Stray Boots is a tour guide that does just that. It's actually an app for your phone and they've come up with several neighborhood tours in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. You just follow the prompts on your phone, go at your own pace, and if you want the tour guide to shut up you just put him back in your pocket.

When you're using the app, you'll follow clues and learn trivia along the way as you explore various tourist destinations in these major California cities. These are scavenger-hunt type walking tours that make it fun to see if you can find where you are being directed.

It's a fun off-the-beaten path experience, according to the app's developers. For complete information, go to www.strayboots.com.
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