Off beaten path
Snowcat tours to be offered at Homewood
Homewood Snowcat Adventures will debut this winter on 750+ acres of backcountry terrain on the flanks of Ellis Peak, pending U.S. Forest Service permits to operate on public lands above the resort’s traditional ski area boundary.

Once transported to the summit, groups of up to 10 skiers and riders will enjoy guided access to a wide variety of terrain options—from perfectly-spaced tree runs to steeps, powder bowls and intermediate- level glades—all leading guests back to the in- bounds terrain at the resort.

All-day packages with Homewood Snowcat Adventures will feature small group sizes (10 skier/rider max) and a fully guided experience—with guides trained by the North American Ski Training Center—in the out-of-bounds terrain accessed by the snowcat. Participants will enjoy laps of up to 1,828 vertical feet from the 8,740-foot summit of Ellis Peak—where panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the Desolation Wilderness await—to the bottom of the Old Homewood Express chairlift.

Homewood Mountain Resort is in the Lake Tahoe area in Homewood, CA. For more information, phone 530-318-7765 for visit
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