Great America
Thrilling new attractions for 40th Anniversary
California’s Great America kicked  1off its 40th anniversary season this year with an exciting new attraction, Mass Effect. The attraction features settings and characters from the renowned Mass Effect video game.

The ride includes state-of-the-art 4D effects along with live performances and amazing special effects. Mass Effect will take guests on a riviting adventure across the galaxy where they will travel through breathtaking landscapes, encounter unreal opponents and help save the day.

In addition to this new attraction, Great America will introduce Winterfest in late November. It will features ice skating, dazzling light displays, live holiday shows, Santa’s workshop and more.

California’s Great America is located in Santa Clara, near San Francisco, and is a sister park to famous Knotts Berry Farm. The lines are short for what any theme park junkie would consider a high-quality product.

The shorter lines and less crowded walkways make this theme park attractive for middle age adults who may not have the theme park buzz like they used to, but the true judges of any theme park have to be the kids. The 364-acre park appeals to literally all ages, with the roller coasters and thrill rides for the teens and ’tweens, and Kidzville and Nickelodeon Central for the little guys.

For those adults who want to pretend they’re not really at a theme park, Great America even has a sports bar with real adult beer. Restaurants seem to appeal to all tastes, with lots of funnel cakes, churros and other sweets, but also fast food and even some sit-down restaurants such as Maggie Brown’s where you can enjoy fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.

Another thing you notice right away is that California’s Great America is actually two theme parks - the original park and a water park that was added a few years ago called Boomerang Bay. Guests get into both areas of the park - a total of 55 rides -- for the same general admission price.

There are, of course, the more aggressive roller coaster rides such as the Demon and the Vortex. The Grizzly is the park’s old fashioned roller coaster made from lumber back in the good old days.

According to the park’s PR Department, California‚Äôs Great America has improved quite a lot in the years since it was purchased by Cedar Fair, the company that owns Knotts Berry Farm. More family attractions and shows have been added and gone is the emphasis on movies that the park had when it was owned by a movie studio and called Paramount’s Great America. There is also a tremendous emphasis on safety.

For more information on California’s Great America, phone 408-988-1776 or visit
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