90 years
Giant Dipper is fixture on Santa Cruz Boardwalk
It's been 90 years since the Giant Dipper roller coaster 1 was built on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, making it the fifth oldest roller coaster in the United States.

The wooden roller coaster was designed by Arthur Loof in 1924 and was built to reach speeds of 46 miles per hour. It took just 47 days and $50,000 to build the Giant Dipper and, back then, you could ride the roller coaster for 15 cents.

By way of comparison, it recently cost $300,000 just for a paint job on the Giant Dipper. Ticket prices are currently $6 a ride.

The roller coaster and buildings of the Boardwalk are an indelible part of the local skyline and visitors enjoy the nostalgia of visiting the West Coast's only seaside boardwalk. Riders say the roller coaster is just as thrilling as the newer ones and families visiting the Boardwalk will fine many other rides such as a carousel, bumper cards and a large arcade. Nearby is a wide beach available for swimming and water sports.

There are many beaches and picturesque coastal areas in and near Santa Cruz. Several state beaches are a short distance south of Santa Cruz in the La Selva Beach and Capitola areas.
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