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More So. Californians to travel Memorial Day
If you want to know who will be out on the road  1with you in Southern California this Memorial Day holiday, just ask the Automobile Club of Southern California, which is estimating there will be a 1.8 percent increase in travelers this Memorial Day Weekend when compared with last year.

That translates into a whopping 2.66 million Californians packing their bags and heading out to a holiday destination either by car, plane or some other form of transportation. If you're curious, the all-time high in California travel was Memorial Day in 2005 when 3.2 million travelers were taking holiday excursions.

About 83 percent of all travelers on Memorial Day 2014 will go by automobile, according to AAA, which is up about 1.4 percent from last year. A holiday trip is defined as being at least 50 miles away from home.

The Triple A said there is more interest this year in package tours, rail trips and cruises than in past years.

Those going by car are going to be paying around $4 a gallon for gas, which is about 15 percent more than last year.

Southern Californians love San Diego and will make that city their top destination for Memorial Day, according to the AAA survey. The top five destinations are:

1) San Diego 2) Las Vegas 3) San Francisco 4) Grand Canyon 5) Central Coast
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