In-N-Out named the best burger chain in U.S.
Okay, we all knew it and it won't come as any surprise  1to those people who live in California, but In-N-Out has officially been named the best burger chain in the country. This is according to Consumer Reports, who just did a survey of its readers to find the best fast food in the U.S.

Any road trip in California is bound to include, at some point, a stop at one of the many In-N-Out locations you find throughout the state. If you're coming from out of state, chances are it will be your FIRST stop. And now Consumer Reports has made it official.

In a readers' survey, Consumer Reports named In-N-Out the best hamburger chain based on food quality, value and service. Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill was the No. 1 Mexican chain, followed by Chipotle, while Chick-fil-A ranked highest among chicken chains.

Interestingly, there's a strong correlation between the survey results and these fast-food chains' financial performance, Consumer Reports noted.

Longtime customers of In-N-Out know that the overall customer experience is better than most fast-food restaurants. It starts with the cheerful fresh-faced employees who always seem to be in a great mood. From there it's on to the aroma from burgers cooking on the grill -- all freshly made from quality ingredients. Finally, you usually don't have to wait long for your order -- the chain is known for its fast production lines, a kind of all-hands-on-deck approach to getting your burger made quickly and sending you on your way with as little wait time as possible.

Then there's the taste -- everything at In-N-Out tastes good. In fact, everything tastes a little too good if you happen to live close enough to come back often. Many a diet has been broken due to the irresistible temptation of In-N-Out.

The top rated hamburger restaurants in the survey were In-N-Out Burger, The Habit Burger Grill and Culver's. McDonald's, the world's largest hamburger chain, finished behind 20 other hamburger chains.

In-N-Out was founded in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California, and today has locations throughout California in addition to recent expansion sites in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. All of the locations are within a day's drive of a distribution center in order to ensure freshness of the product.
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