California tourism continues rebound, sets records
Tourism in California is continuing to rebound,  1with 53 of 58 counties showing increases in direct spending by travelers over the last year. Biggest increases were seen in Santa Clara, San Francisco and San Diego.

Tourists visiting California spent about $117 billion last year, according to Visit California, the state's tourism agency. That amounts to a 3.6 percent increse over 2013.

The increases represent the fifth consecutive year of expansion in the tourism sector since the end of the recession in 2009. Multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns helped to bring about the increase, with major advertising dollars spent by the state's largest cities as well as Visit California.

Other events such as Disney's anniversary year have contributed. Also, the state is experiencing a strong convention market and seeing increases in international travel.

Hotels in cities such as San Diego are reporting record occupancy as well as increased revenue per room, which are strong indicators of the local state of the tourism economy.
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