California named top state for outdoors recreation
California has been named the country's most 1 "outdoorsy" state, according to the website retale.com. The site claims to have run the numbers and the Golden State came out Numero Uno.

What are the numbers that count? Well such things as the number of recreational hiking trails. Or the number of campgrounds, or the number of fly fishing waters or the number of locations toe rock climb or to take sailing lessons.

California was followed by New York and Pennsylvania at No. 2 and 3, with Oregon and Washington following at No. 4 and 5 respectively.

So how did California achieve its high rankings? Here's what the website had to say about California's outdoor attributes:

"That vibrant Golden State, arching beneath the bright sun at the edge of the continent, is revving with diverse and awe-inspiring "outdoorsy" locales' in which its 38 million people hike, bike, climb, camp, swim, and even surf. From the Yosemite Great Falls to the Point Reyes beaches; from the glittering stars above Joshua Tree to the towering Sequoias and Redwoods there's something ancient and empowering about the great California outdoors. It's something that assures us that no matter how inward that Silicon Valley, tech universe takes us the outdoors is truly where we belong. "California has the most number of rock climbing, summer camps, and campgrounds throughout the country. Further, it's stocked with national trails, has the second highest number of sailing schools, and has the fourth highest number of ski resorts."
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