Say it ain’t so
California gas now higher than even Hawaii
First the drought and now this: California's gas  1prices are now the highest in the nation -- higher even than Hawaii. According to the Triple A, California has had the most expensive gas in the country for 75 out of the previous 76 days starting in late February. On average, Hawaii's gas was about 33 cents per gallon higher than California if you look back over the past five years, and Hawaii and Alaska typically have higher priced gas because they are some distance from regions that refine most of the country's oil.

But now California is higher than Hawaii, which has to do with things like California's stringent fuel emissions standards. Also, refineries right now aren't running at full capacity.

There was a fire and explosion that cut production of an Exxon refinery in Torrance, California in February of this year -- which didn't help matters. It's coming back on line fully in July.

Average retail prices for regular gasoline in California as a whole have gone up 57 cents a gallon in about a three-week period in April and May, while the average U.S. retail gasoline price increased 20 cents a gallon during the same period.

Prices in California are around $3.72 a gallon, while Hawaii is at $3.23 as of mid-May.
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