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Redfin says two CA beach towns best for walking
The folks at Redfin have applied their "walkability" scale  1to beaches and come up with two beach towns in California that score among the Top 5 beach towns for walking in the entire country.

According to Redfin, "these pedestrian-friendly destinations are all walking distance to the beach and have plenty of activities to enjoy in town." It basically means you don't have to walk far to find great restaurants, live music and other city and social activities.

The Number One beach town in the country for walkability, according to Redfin, is Santa Cruz. the town hosts California's oldest operating theme park as well as the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Don't forget this is where you find the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster which happens to be on the Natoinal Registrer of Historic Places. The town has plenty of cool shops, a laid-back beach vibe and great views of the water -- all within walking distance.

Coronado comes in at No. 3. This popular town is on Coronado Island, across from San Diego and now has 70 restaurants and cafes, lots of shops, three resorts and live theater. The beaches, of course, are nearby. A great place to start is Orange Avenue, which runs entirely across town, and will take you into the heart of the business district and further on to the famous Hotel del Coronado where the island's best beaches are located.
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