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Sausalito: hidden treasure across the Golden Gate
Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco is a place dripping with charm but lacking the Bay area traffic that is so much a part of any visit to that fascinating city - a place where you can gaze at the San Francisco skyline, but not fret about the hassles of navigating through the "Big City."

Look up the term bedroom community in the dictionary and it must have a picture of Sausalito, the tiny bayside berg that basically is a narrow slice of waterfront hugging lush hillsides covered with spectacular view homes. Way back before the turn of the century, San Franciscans figured out that Sausalito, "with its postcard views of the city and nearby Tiburon," was the perfect place to get away from the city, yet still never lose sight of the city.

Of course, until 1937, commuting to Sausalito was not quite so convenient. Ferries were available, but construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was what finally made Sausalito easily accessible. Today that traffic across the Golden Gate goes both ways - folks traveling to the city to work, but tourists and San Franciscans also coming to Sausalito to enjoy a lazy day browsing in the town's colorful shops.

This town of just 7,500 residents will swell with tourists on any day there is decent weather - which is most of the time - and visitors also arrive by regular ferry service from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Conversely, Bay area visitors will use the ample parking in Sausalito and take the ferry to visit tourist attractions in San Francisco.
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